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Over 95% who try a softener keep it!

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Feel the benefits of soft water

  • Hair and skin feel softer and smoother
  • Soap and detergent lather better and last longer
  • Less limescale means less time cleaning your home
  • Save up to 50% on your household bills every month
  • Taps, sinks, worktops, pipes and kettles are limescale-free
  • Boilers, radiators, washing machines and dishwashers work better and last longer

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    We arrange a demonstration in your home to show what the softener can do for you

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    We agree a convenient date to install a demonstration unit for a nominal installation fee*

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    Use the water softener for 3 months and pay absolutely nothing during the trial

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    After the trial, you can rent monthly from £25 or buy the model of your choice

    • 3 month trial period is rental-free, but a nominal non-refundable installation fee applies


    “The machine has been in three weeks now and already the investment is paying off, our two year old electric shower is now performing as if it were brand new again” – Mrs. T, Reading

    “Every aspect of dealing with Martin was excellent. I am extremely pleased with the product, service, price, workmanship, everything. The whole process was a stress free pleasure” – Mr. P, Caversham

    “Excellent service, Martin explained everything that he was going to do and carried out the work with great care. We are over the moon with the finished product. Would highly recommend this company” – Mr. F, Reading


    Rent a water softener icon

    After your 3 month rental-free trial period ends, you can either buy your water softener or you can rent it.

    From as little as £25 per month, you can have soft water 24 hours a day without the upfront cost of purchase.

    So if managing your monthly budget is important to you, talk to us today about renting a water softener.

    Meet Your Installer

    I’m Martin Perrin and, together with my wife Lisa, I’ve been running Compass Water Softeners in Reading for more than 20 years. I personally carry out all water softener installations and have over 3,000 satisfied customers. Our mission is to drive out scale and scum from your home, leaving you with softened water 24/7. Our 3 month free trial is the perfect way to see the benefits of a water softener in your own home.

    Trusted by over 3000 happy customers

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    Please see the terms & conditions of the 3 month water softener trial.

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