Terms & Conditions

Installation Fee

We charge an installation fee to cover the time spent installing the water softener and any adaptations which may be necessary to your plumbing in order to connect the softener properly.

  1. Installation fee is approximately £240 + VAT (subject to survey).
  2. Installation fee may be less than this, depending on the difficulty of the work involved and where the softener is to be fitted
  3. We will assess the installation requirements at your initial in-home demonstration and will confirm the cost with you


Your Free Trial Water Softener

We will install a demonstration unit for your free trial period.

Renting Or Buying Your Softener

At the end of the free trial period, you have three options:

  1. Rent your water softener
    You can continue to rent the demonstration unit at a monthly cost of £25
  2. Buy a water softener
    You can choose to buy the same model, or another model, outright and we will replace your demonstration unit
  3. Return your water softener
    If you choose not to keep the water softener, we will remove it at a convenient time with no additional cost

Less than 5% of people choose to have their softener removed once they’ve discovered the benefits of soft water.