Commercial Water Softeners

Reduce costs & improve performance

An industrial or commercial water softener reduces operating costs, at the same time as protecting your business-critical assets.

Hardness in water is caused by naturally occurring minerals which are present to a greater or lesser degree in all forms of water. Where they are in higher concentration, limescale deposits form within products using water, causing inefficiency and expense. Some of the major problems your business is likely to face are:

Commercial water softeners reduce cost in your business
  • Higher energy bills: the heating or cooling efficiency of appliances and equipment can be dramatically reduced by limescale, causing your costs to skyrocket;
  • Overheating: limescale prevents heat from being conducted away swiftly from heat transfer surfaces. This can cause hotspots which lead to potentially disastrous results in equipment such as boilers;
  • Higher pumping costs: the internal bore of pipework is narrowed by a build-up of limescale, leading to impaired water flow and much higher demands on pumping equipment as it struggles to push water through furred-up pipes.

How do commercial water softeners help?

Installing a water softener will reduce operating costs by stripping out these minerals before they can cause limescale build-up in your critical equipment. What’s more, over a period of time softened water will dissolve existing limescale formations to help keep everything functioning smoothly. Some of the businesses that benefit most from commercial water softeners are:

Commercial water softeners can save hotels money
  • Laundries;
  • Hotels and Restaurants;
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineers;
  • Food and Beverage businesses;
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical companies;
  • Car Wash and Valeting;
  • Agriculture

When considering a commercial or industrial water softener, there are a number of factors you need to take into account such as the correct sizing for your operations.

Compass water Softeners can advise on all aspects of choosing and installing a commercial water softener – contact us today to learn more.