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    Cleaning limescale from the bathroom taps


    With softer water you’ll spend less time cleaning and your home will stay brighter and shinier for longer. No scaly build-up around the taps and shower head. No white stripes and spots on the shower screen. No chalky puddle residue on your kitchen work surfaces and countertops. No more need to scrub away at marks or buy expensive limescale removal products.

    A water softener filters out the calcium and magnesium which cause hard water and ensures your home always looks its best while you have more time to put your feet up and enjoy it.

    Find out how a water softener can save time and money on cleaning.

    Time for a holiday


    On average, we spend at least two weeks of every year cleaning the bathroom. That’s two weeks you could spend on holiday instead. Even if someone else does your cleaning, if they spend less time cleaning you could save enough money for a holiday.

    Now add in all the time you spend cleaning the kitchen taps and sink or scrubbing away at limescale in the downstairs toilet and you can make even bigger savings.

    Why go to all the effort of removing limescale when a water softener could prevent it forming in the first place?

    Save money on cleaning products


    The average UK household spends up to £200 a year on cleaning products alone. To put it in context, that’s about the cost of a weekend away.

    Softened water works in two ways to reduce your spend on cleaning products. Firstly, there’s no limescale buildup or streaky residues to get rid of. Secondly, products lather more easily so you need to use less of then to get a proper clean.

    If you could halve your weekly bills simply by using softened water, why wouldn’t you?