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Dry flaky hair caused by hard water


If you’re in a hard water area, it isn’t just appliances that suffer. The same minerals that cause limescale combine with shampoo and shower gel to create an unseen scum that coats your hair and skin. That’s why you don’t have the same smooth skin and silky hair as when you treat yourself to a weekend away.

As well as not feeling your best, it also means you spend substantially more money on toiletries. For a start you’ll be using up to 80% more shampoo and soap just to get a decent lather. Then there are the conditioners and moisturisers you need to counter the effects of that hard water scum.

Wouldn’t it be better to tackle the real problem at the source?

Softer skin from using a water softener


That same soapy scum clogs your pores and prevents the natural oils which should moisturise your skin from doing their job properly. You end up with dry skin which cracks easily and becomes red and sore. Not the best look for anyone.

A water softener removes the harsh minerals that cause the scum before they reach your skin. So the natural oils are free to moisturise and you get out of the bath or shower feeling softer and looking great. It’s not just a cosmetic benefit – hard water can trigger conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Read how scientists have proven the link between hard water and eczema.

Man using moisturiser


Getting rid of the hard water scum also means you’ll save money on buying products. Soap, shower gel and shampoo will all lather more easily, reducing your usage by up to 75% – just think what that will do to your monthly bills.

And you won’t have to use as much moisturiser, conditioner or other softening products as you’ll have naturally smooth skin and silky hair from the outset. You’ll be surprised at how much further all your usual products go with softened water.

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