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When you live in a hard water area, there are many reasons to install a water softener. One of the most compelling has to be the cost savings. In times when money seems to be tight everywhere, it’s amazing how easy it is to save money with a water softener.

Let’s look at how much a family of four in an average-sized house could save over the course of one year.

Monthly Household Bills

That’s a saving of up to £40 per month on household products alone. Over a year, that amounts to a whopping £480 off your shopping costs.

Energy Savings

As well as saving money on shopping, your home appliances will work more efficiently and break down far  less often. Scale is a major cause of breakdowns and reduces the effectiveness of the heat exchange in your boiler, leading to less effective heating. Removing the minerals from hard water before they can cause scale will eradicate these problems.

You could save around £250 a year on the cost of fuel (e.g. gas) and having broken or malfunctioning appliances repaired.

Adding those two together, we see that an average family can easily save over £700 per year by installing a water softener.

That’s in addition to the many other benefits you’ll discover when you make the switch to soft water.

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